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Submerged SeaStation near Culebra, Puerto Rico


SeaStation fish pens help farm operators reduce the total cost of grow-out on medium-to-high energy aquaculture sites. SeaStation's security and long service life allow capital costs to be spread across many years and harvests.

Proven Design

SeaStation’s patented, central spar design provides excellent sea-keeping abilities in open ocean conditions and through major storm events. The design is the result of significant research and development, including wave basin testing and hydrostatic modeling. With over 25 installations, SeaStation is the proven, secure solution for open ocean aquaculture.

Efficient Operations

SeaStation minimizes diver time and other operating costs associated with stocking, feeding, harvesting and maintenance. Easily controlled ascent and descent of SeaStation through changes in central spar buoyancy help offshore work crews better manage operations. Integrated feeding, harvesting and video connections allow long periods of continuous submerged operation with no diver time.

Fish Health and Security

SeaStation’s stable volume reduces fish stress and eliminates the risk of high stocking densities caused by pen volume collapse. SeaStations can be towed to avoid red tide or eutrophication. OceanSpar also provides a wide range of support equipment to efficiently manage mortality removal, tarping for fish health, and net cleaning.

Site and Species Adaptability

SeaStation’s successful harvest history includes both warm and cold water species. OceanSpar offers tailored SeaStation configurations for flatfish, polyculture and species requiring controlled ascent to manage decompression. SeaStation netting is available in a wide variety of netting mesh sizes and strengths to match stocking sizes and species.